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april 1, 2004:

brazillbient lounge is finally back online.
the hard drive of the server
it was running on in san francisco
died at the end of 2002.
i let the registration of lapse, and the domain
got snapped up by somebody
in flanders who obviously
thinks they can make money
off it.
anyways, here it is again,
this time running on greatly
improved playlist-management
software that i
wrote and am planning to
open-source at some point.

what a lot has happened
since this station was
first launched! the
crash of the technology
economy, war, paranoia...
good news too: gilberto gil
is now the minister of culture
of brazil!

i contemplated when re-coding
the playlist window whether
i should add "buy now" links
for the albums -- it seems to
be very much in fashion with
internet radio stations now.
i decided that would go against
the non-commercial spirit of
this station. i do have a
wishlist of CDs, though, so
if you want to support this
station, email me and/or drop good
CD's in the snailmail to:

brazillbient lounge
spuistraat 218 L
1012 vt amsterdam
the netherlands

email me as well if you had ever
emailed me before, everything got
lost in the crash...

september 1999:

this is a collection in progress of music
that i am listening to while
translating the book
fom winde ferfeelt
by zé do rock,
a brazilian author, taxi driver,
and hitchhiker extraordinaire
living in germany.
(and he's looking for an
english-language publisher, too!)

in writing the english translation,
i feel like i am bridging a space
between brazil, anglo-america, and the rest of the world...
i went to my local record store
to find some music appropriate to my task.

i entered a world of music that i had never known of before,
ranging from brooklyn illbient, to brazilian bossa nova
and tropicália,
to "no-wave", to egyptian rhythms,
to psychedelia, to south asian melodies,
and all imaginable combinations.

not all of the music in this mix is techno.
not all of it is brazilian, for that matter.
it's the spaces in between
genres and cultures that interest me the most.

i hope that you enjoy the space too.

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